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The latest build: 21 January, 2022

Unknown Languages

Unknown languages

Adobe Font Metrics

Apollo Guidance Computer

Closure Templates

Cloud Firestore Security Rules

Common Workflow Language

DIGITAL Command Language

Edje Data Collection

Fortran Free Form

Game Maker Language

GCC Machine Description

Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format

Grammatical Framework

Graph Modeling Language

Groovy Server Pages

Java Server Pages

JSON with Comments

KiCad Legacy Layout

Linux Kernel Module

Literate CoffeeScript

Microsoft Developer Studio Project

Microsoft Visual Studio Solution

Module Management System

Motorola 68K Assembly

Object Data Instance Notation

Open Policy Agent

OpenStep Property List

OpenType Feature File

Parrot Internal Representation

Regular Expression

Spline Font Database

Unified Parallel C

Valve Data Format

Visual Basic .NET

Visual Basic .NET

Wavefront Material

Web Ontology Language

Windows Registry Entries

World of Warcraft Addon Data

X Font Directory Index

XML Property List